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WhatsApp Groups

Have you ever thought of having a trusted advisor who can instantly provide you a solution based on his/her experience on vital topics such as Family, Financial, Education, Job etc.? If your answer 

is “Yes”, look no further. MCA-EC has come up with an innovative solution using the technology and resources you are already familiar with. Hurry, this opportunity is on a first come first serve basis.

The Categories/Groups:

1.       Transition to College:

2.       Career Planning:

3.       Home & Family:

4.       Health & Fitness:

5.       Financial well being :



1.       You will be able to share your experience or get solutions to your unique situation at a rapid speed on the four categories.

2.       The information received is from a trusted advisor who has gone through a similar situation or has knowledge about it.

3.       The interactions will be limited to the topic of discussion (no clutter) and all members of the group are required to abide by the ground rules.


1.       On a first come first serve basis and based on signed up category, a set of members are allocated to a whatsapp group (one group created for one category).

2.       The subscription to the group is voluntary and is done through by clicking the appropriate link available next to the group.

3.       The group members will interact with each as the need basis and abide by the ground rules.

Ground rules:

1.       One member can sign up at most two groups as we have current limitation of 99 per group.

2.       The postings in the group should be only be related to the topic. Other types of group postings such as jokes, quotes etc.) are strictly prohibited and repeated abuse after 2nd warning loses the group membership.

3.       Since the information is coming from fellow members and with the objective of helping each other, consider posting credible, helpful information.

We hope you make the best of this opportunity. 

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